The official sponsor of expedition:
The general information sponsor
Photobank "Geophoto"
Expedition support:
Management of aircraft of FSB of Russia
The Moscow Committee of Sports
Russian Outdoor group
“The Central sports club of climbers” named by A.S.Demchenko

Route of expedition:

Salekhard, New Port, Cape-Stone, Tadebyayakha, Matyujsale, Oleny island, Sibirjakova island, Dickson, Sterlegova cape, Eklips bay, Chelyuskin cape, the Bolshevik island from the east, the October Revolution island from the east, Average island, the Red Army passage, North Pole, Average island, Chelyuskin, Eklips, Dickson.

The general extent of the declared route are about seven thousand kilometers on impassability, a snow virgin soil, a sea ice and ice-holes.

Terms of expedition:

  • Start of expedition is from Salekhard on March, 24th, 2008;
  • Achievement of North Pole plane on the end of April;
  • Returning is on the same route
  • Finish will on Dickson at the end of May or at the beginning of June, 2008
Duration of expedition is more than two months and a half